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Qingdao Inter-Credit Services Pte Co., Ltd. was established on November 17, 1997, and headquartered in Qingdao. It's one of the first batch of companies that obtained the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification and ISO27001 Information Security System Certification in China.

With the value of ‘Manage clients' assets like managing our own’, Inter-Credit has always been customer-oriented. We constantly offer well-rounded, high-quality and professional services for our clients based on our powerful backup supports which contain the nationwide network, the well trained specialists, and the advanced technology supports. Forty-two branches and one operating center are established all over the country with more than 5900 employees to date, which cover 650 cities in mainland China.

Inter-Credit is committed to providing clients in finance, insurance, investment and international trade industries with professional risk management services which cover comprehensive aspects of financial and business risk management, including outsourcing services such as credit card and consumer credit arrears collection, overseas and domestic overdue account management, business credit investigation, certification services, post-loan management and financial technology support. We are the strategic/core partner of many banks and large internet financial companies. 

Inter-Credit aspires to become the most trustworthy enterprise in the financial field. Our amicable collection service avoids tension between clients and debtors, which is of great significance for our clients to boost sustainable development. In the meantime, our credit information service helps clients make the right decision, lower risks, improve cash flow and ultimately maintain steady growth. We protect our clients’ rights and interests while reminding debtors in good faith before taking legal actions in case of further losses and harmful results.

Our employees are one of the company's core assets. Their dedication to the company and their hard work and enthusiasm for work exceed most other peers. We believe this is an important factor in our success. Therefore, we carefully select the best employees and make them experts in the field through continuous training. We believe that in this industry, the quality and ability of employees determine the quality and value of the service.

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